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School experiences

Local Devon school teachers discuss their experiences
That sitting down with these guys and really sitting there going right how am I going to use this pre teach - I’ve taught them it and we’ve gone through it how are we now going to use this with the class in a way that’s going to be beneficial and not transparent to everyone. We had really interesting dialogues didn’t we about well what are the approaches okay well Charlotte you try this and I’ll try this and we’ll talk about how it went and it evolved didn’t it? Because we’ve both tried different methods and we’ve both talked about why we were trying different methods with our different classes and then talked about how it worked after.
It was age group that made a massive difference between just two years in age. I think interesting to see how the techniques worked as the year went on because the first technique we tried in my class didn’t really work at all did they because put them with a group of high status children and the high status children just kind of went…
they were there and I was going - you know to the high state children come talk to these guys they know what they were doing and one did it but the others were like no because we’re good at maths and they’re not good at maths it was interesting to see through the year how that completely changed and how doing that same technique at the end of the year was completely different results to doing it at the beginning of the year as well. But don’t you think it was subtlety - that’s what developed throughout the year It started really obvious…
Because we were still getting our heads when yeah that’s why weren’t we and how to make it because you say it it was changing something that we do subconsciously to being very conscious about doing it and being very thoughtful about how we were doing is so it’s going to come out as contrived and the the the brilliant thing was that the children totally saw through it didn’t they because we have elements in both lessons where later in the year those high status children went to find our pre-teach children and got help from them but they had to do it off their own back.
It’s the same as anything isn’t it, the moment I think we told him to do it totally devalued it didn’t it, you know because it has to be organic - and it was those unplanned for moments where you go wow - that’s the that’s the amazing thing is we’ve planned these things to death and we planned all these but you still can’t see when the confidence is really going to come through I think it’s that’s the bit that you can plan for opportunities for it to happen but it always surprises you.
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