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Increasing participation

Watch a video of two teachers talking about the impact of pre-teaching and assigning comptence

…contributing more and increasing confidence and competence

You are about to watch a video of two teachers talking about the impact of pre-teaching and assigning competence on their focus learners. Listen particularly for the wider impact on the learners – both in terms of learning behaviour and their relationship with the teachers.
The three children began the year with little confidence in maths and very little confidence in themselves. Their first assessment in December showed them scoring 33%, 28% and 34% respectively. The SAT's showed the children being incredibly confident in their ability - one child is quoted saying ' I love SAT's' and another saying as the week ended ' actually that was really fun'. The children's attitude in their own ability had completely changed and they felt that they could answer the questions and had a very reasonable chance of passing. There were smiles on their faces the whole week and at no point in any of the tests did they give up or feel negative towards their own ability.
He used to agree with everything I said but now we have discussions about the maths - Y 3 partner of focus child. She is a different child. She talks about what she has been doing in maths at home. She is keen to practise skills at home - parent of Y1 focus child. My practice has developed as I can be more insightful into the potential sticky points of the next lesson. I'm able to ask key questions to unlock the nuggets of what may help them and the whole class understand - Y4 teacher.
Look back through your journal and share below any changes in your focus learners regarding their increasing confidence and participation and how this is impacting on their competence.

Has anyone else noticed any changes to these learners?

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Equity in Education: Supporting Active Participation in Lessons

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