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Case Study : MaXhosa

Case Study : MaXhosa
Portrait of Laduma Ngxokolo wearing his own designs in black and white

The African Lux brand “MAXHOSA AFRICA” by Laduma Ngxokolo is a great example of authentic african luxury.

The brand is in knitwear inspired by the designer’s Xhosa heritage, especially beadwork from which he replicated the geometrical design.

The brand aims to showcase the beauty, culture, language and aspiration of Xhosa people. The designs have been modernised to correspond to the current fashion context and to resonate with the global fashion market (Maxhosa Africa, 2021).

MAXHOSA Spring-Summer 2021 at the New York Fashion Week 2020


By travelling in Europe and observing the Luxury Industry, Laduma noticed the lack of aspirational brand for Africans and African diaspora. He made culture, Xhosa culture the foundation of his brand. This required doing deep research into his own culture in order to develop designs which represent and celebrate Xhosa tradition and heritage.

All MAXHOSA AFRICA products are designed and produced in South Africa. Even outsourcing the manufacturing in Asia would have lowered the cost of production, the founder made the conscious choice to remain local. The big aim is for the brand to participate in the economic development of the country by providing jobs. Moreover, Maxhosa Africa designs have an educational purpose, they allow people to unlearn and learn about South African culture and history. The brand exposes Xhosa culture and creates greater value.

Laduma highlights the importance for African designers to create long lasting heritage brands and make Africa more than a trend. There is a call for African to enter the global value chain and be among the industry decision makers.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.


  • Can you see MAXHOSA’s cultural heritage and storytelling in it design outcomes?
  • In your opinion, what makes MAXHOSA so successful?

Share you thoughts with your peers in the comments below.

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