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Fixed vs growth mindset

In order to be successful using Agile, a growth mindset is necessary. To understand what this means, we contrast a fixed mindset with a growth mindset

In order to be successful using Agile, a growth mindset is necessary. To understand what this means, let’s first contrast a fixed mindset with a growth mindset.

The fixed mindset

People with a fixed mindset believe that qualities such as intelligence and talent are constant. A person’s success is based on the qualities with which they were born and it is through this ingrained talent that a person becomes successful.

People with fixed mindsets strive to avoid failure—they are unwilling to take chances. They back down to challenges and get frustrated if they make mistakes. They don’t work as hard because they view making an effort toward something for which they don’t have a talent as a waste of time. Fixed mindset thinkers do not accept feedback well and it’s not uncommon for them to ignore it. They also feel threatened by others’ successes.

The growth mindset

In contrast, people who have a growth mindset know that by making an effort, they can develop new skills, talents, and intelligence. They are open to feedback and believe in continuous learning. They aren’t stopped by failure and are not afraid to experiment.


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