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Different Rice Bran Fraction Against SHRSP

To reduce the waste, and find other functional ingredients from rice bran we prepared rice bran fraction. In this case, we used commercial, available enzyme named “Driselase”. Driselase is a mixture of enzymes cellulase xylanase, and laminarinase. This mixture enzyme breaks down cell wall of plants. And rice bran also. Rice bran was agitated in 70% of ethanol and obtained defatted rice bran was incubated with Driselase and then we obtained Driselase fraction here. On the other hand, we obtained ethanol fraction which was enriched with gamma-Oryzanol, tocotrienol, and ferulic acid also. Rice bran fractions were fed to stroke -prone spontaneously hypertensive rat called SHRSP. This animal shows not only hypertension but also dyslipidemia and insulin resistance.
And this SHRSP is a suitable animal model for analysis, or evaluating or functional ingredient and improving the lifestyle-related diseases observed in human. So here is the experimental procedure using fraction of rice bran, Driselase fraction, and Ethanol fraction. 4 weeks of male SHRSP were fed with AIN-93M based diet for 8 weeks. AIN-93M is one of the standard diet for the animal experiment, especially in rodent experiment used in worldwide. So Driselase fraction and Ethanol fraction was supplemented in DF groups and also EF groups as 6% final concentration. Here you can see SHRSP shows elevation of blood pressure age-dependently. Driselase fraction supplemented group was significantly suppressed blood pressure elevation.
And also glucose and other lipid parameters are also improved by Driselase fraction supplemented in this animal model.

Professor SHIRAKAWAR will explain how to find other functional ingredients from rice bran in this video.

The research team used the enzyme, Driselase, to break down ell wall and get rice bran fractions. These fractions were fed to Spontaneously Hypertensive Stroke Prone Rat (SHRSP) called DF groups. The experimental results showed that the DF groups suppressed the blood pressure elevation significantly, and improved the glucose and other lipid parameters as well.

If you want to learn more on Driselase-treated fraction of rice bran, please check the link below.

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