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Week 3 introduction

Video to introduce the topics of this week
Hello everybody. And congratulations for making it halfway through this course on A.I. in the legal profession This week we will be focusing on regulating artificial intelligence and A.I. and social manipulation. So when we talk about regulating AI or regulating technology in general, there’s two somewhat considered conflicting forces at play. The first force is encouraging technology to develop into not stifle the development of technology with regulation. And the second force at play here is to guarded against the potential risks of a developing technology. In all of this, under the backdrop of not being really able to understand the technology until it further develops. So then we’ll talk about in the second lecture. This idea of A.I.
used in autonomous weapons, and how do we classify these new autonomous weapons that are utilizing A.I. in some of the issues involved and using AI in weapon systems on the battlefield. using AI in weapon systems on the battlefield. Then we’ll talk a little bit about autonomous driving and in particular there’s a set of code coming out of Germany relating to policy regarding autonomous driving vehicles. Then in the second half of week 3, we’ll talk about A.I. and social manipulation. In this idea, usually through social media platforms, targeted advertising, fake news.
News that’s not entirely truthful, that we’re being influenced by this, we’re being nudged into certain directions, relating to how we might purchase something, and how we might vote in a particular situation. And especially given that not everybody online is a person, so we have this idea of non individual agents becoming involved. And this other idea that our identity are personality changes slightly when we go online, and our part our personality may even be different from platform to platform. And we discussed this slightly in the lecture on bias earlier. So then we’ll take this idea of manipulation, and then talk about manipulation of elections and manipulation of institutions. And how this affects our democracy, and the risks to freedom.
Then we’ll end with a lecture on profiling, and in particular will focus on law enforcement profiling. And this idea after one is profiled, or an area is profiled, or any sort of profiling in the criminal sense. How police are using this to better utilize their resources, and in that utilization, so for example, patrolling certain areas with a higher frequency. And in that, are we changing in policing? Are we helping the community? Or are we petuating negative aspects of a community? So in this week we’ll be talkin about the effects of artificial intelligence basically on our behavior, how were manipulated, how are using weapons, and autonomous driving vehicles. Good luck with this week.
As always feel free to reach out to me by email. And forgive me if I am late in responding to you. But it’s not because I don’t think your email is important to me. Again, thanks everybody and take care.

Congratulations for making it halfway through this course. This week we will be focusing on regulating artificial intelligence and A.I. and social manipulation.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to leave them in the comment section rather than send email. We can learn together and share ideas here. 🙂

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