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Matching courses and descriptions

Match the course description with the student profiles
Choosing the right course – a practice task
This is an activity to help you practise matching profiles and skills with suitable courses.
Read the 3 profiles of the people wanting to go to university, and read about the 3 courses. In your study group decide which course is most suitable for which person. Share your decision in the comments below.
Profile 1
I’m looking for a course that has teaching in seminars, not just large lectures, so that I can take part in discussions. I would really like to have practical based learning opportunities so that I can apply the skills I develop in a real life situation. I would also like to be able to get to know my tutor on a personal level.
Profile 2
I’m looking for a course that will help me with my future career but I’m not too sure yet which sector I’d like to work in. I’m hoping the course will help me understand where I’d like to end up, while developing my understanding of organisations and how they work.
Profile 3
I’m really interested in travel and tourism and would like to work in a large hotel chain so I can travel and meet people from all over the world. I’d like to work in management so want to find a course that covers key areas such as marketing and finance.
Course description A
On this teacher training course you will experience working in a wide variety of schools, so that every year your teaching skills and confidence increase massively.
Course description B
On this business course you will develop your understanding of organisations and the impact of environments, markets and processes. It will prepare you for a wide range of employment opportunities across all sectors.
Course description C
This course gives students the knowledge and skills in high demand by hotels, airlines, restaurants and cruise lines. It gives you a broad understanding of the leisure industry and prepares you to manage people, resources and events.
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