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The genome of a single person. Part 3

Why study the genome of a single person? What challenges does this kind of analysis pose?
You can look at the genome and see the ABO and Rh, of course they are in our genome but is very complicated to have this information. Another point is the drug response or the way we deal with the drugs we take and in several cases is interesting and in some cases of specific diseases they have had to have a specific treatment is maybe important.
In my case I have a special sensitivity to some of that and I’d like just to point to one of that which is called coumadin (warfarin) and in other places it is called sintrom which is the anti-clotting in my case I had to take when I had this problem of the deep vein thrombosis and with low doses everything is right in my case, meaning I need a low doses of that. But I have to say that at the very end doctors wanted to see the reality not just adjusting it according to my genome and here you may see the cases, the points in my genome in which I have variants that give me this really sensitivity of coumadin.
At the very end we have seen the four cases, the disease risk, the risk for complex diseases, the traits and the drug response and this is the overall view of what my genome is telling me. Beyond that we could talk a lot on the ancestry but we are going to see that in the following chapters in the sense that this is something in the genome that you can recognize to know where your ancestors came from all over the world and for that we are going to follow the mitochondrial DNA, the Y chromosome and the general genome but not yet now and we’re going to deal with that in other chapters.
Beyond this general view there are some companies that have been trying to do arrays of SNPs for specific issues for example there are people working to try to recognize the fitness potential for people that could be very good in given sports, or for nutrigenomics in the sense that recognizing in your genome what is good or what is bad for you but these are really small information in the sense that it’s not going to give still a very wide picture. So, we have seen that we have this description of my own genome, the characteristics that we can read today on that,
and the question is: should people do this analysis? And the answer is not easy in the sense that you may say that it was interesting for me to know a couple of things that changing my habits in life have been interesting due to this knowledge, but I can tell you that for most people you are not going to have such a nice… let’s say a nice interesting variants in your genome and in general for people the information that the genome gives is more for curiosity curiosity than for really helping to have a good health and a good life.
So, you’re not going to know your destiny with your genome but to know the genome today is essential for advancing in biomedicine. So lots of characteristics are being dissected, recognized as important because we are doing this kind of analysis, so I should say to end up that individually is not that interesting even though we need this information, but I have to recognize that in the future lots of people are going to do that because at the very end if it’s not very informative for your future life, I can tell you that it is fun.
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