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Visual language building blocks. In conversation with Isaac Konszak, Design Director at Moving Brands.

A conversation with one of the design directors at Moving Brands about they build visual languages around a brand.
Watch the 5 minute film…

Things to notice, understand and consider…

How visual cues instinctively communicate.
Listen to how Isaac describes how MB use typeface, colour etc to elicit a desired reaction by tapping into our visual memory.

Visual assets have an inherent bank of meaning?
Understand how MB establishes difference and meaning for the brands they work with? And the importance of the ‘immersion phase’? Do you understand what a ‘bank of meaning’ is and how to tap into this?

Systems rather than a logos
A logo is a badge, a brand is a story. A visual language reinforces how the logo communicates. What other visual elements can you think of that might accompany a logo?

Do you understand what Isaac means when he talks about an immersion phase? Can you think what this might involve?

Simple works
Simple ideas are best if you want to create coherence. With the best brands you could take the logo away and they would still communicate. What other visual elements support brand communication.

Look / Speak / Act
Businesses should have purpose and meaning. This needs to stem from the core of what the business is about. MB helps brands work out where they want to be and provide a toolkit of how to get there. Can you think of what might be in this toolkit?

Coherence vs consistency
As the ways that we experience a brand become more complex, applying simple consistent reproduction criteria can become repetitive. Contemporary brands are more than consistent, they are coherent. What do you think this means?

Questions to answer / things to follow up…
Identify which typefaces we associate with 10 famous brands of your choice? Identify which colour we associate with 10 famous brands of your choice? What are the other elements that support the communication of a logo? What might be in a brand toolkit? find examples.

Post your thoughts in the comments section below…

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