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Introduction to Business Etiquette

Watch Dr. Thomas, consultant in Business Etiquette and Academics, analysing the importance of modern business etiquette in a global career success
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<v ->Hello, and thank you for your interest</v> in this online business etiquette course. You must have lots of questions and hopefully I can answer most of them in this session. I’m sure the first question, why me? I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Lindsey Thomas, and I’m both an academic and a consultant in the field of etiquette. I have over 30 years of experience in education, and this has given me an essential understanding of how people learn. And I’m now looking forward to working with you on this course. My experience with one of the finest Swiss finishing schools has shown me how important etiquette is.
Having designed courses and worked with organizations to help them achieve a competitive advantage, it is clear that understanding etiquette instills a confidence and a self-assurance in others, which can be leveraged to enhance both company culture and performance. And in this course, I will share with you my understanding of etiquette and how important it is in a professional setting. You may never have thought etiquette is such an important element of your career success. But I have seen how understanding social expectations enhances your image, and the impression that you make on others. How it is instrumental in forming strong work-based relationships, and how it can be used to elevate an organization in terms of reputation and employer branding.
You have chosen to learn online because it’s flexible and it’s convenient, allowing you to achieve your learning goals, with also combined with your demanding lifestyle. And this course has been carefully designed to allow you to pace your study, to suit your needs. Each session begins with a short video to introduce the key themes. An eBook accompanies the video to allow you to follow the content while also making notes and comments to enhance your own learning. Each session has a bank of carefully selected resources, which are available for you to extend your learning autonomously. These include infographics, short videos, case studies, and even some academic papers.
Activities and exercises will challenge you, and help to measure your understanding of key elements in the course. Each activity has been carefully designed to encourage reflective learning and allow you to keep track of your own progress. And at the end of the course, there will be a final quiz, to test the knowledge that you have acquired during the program. Successful completion of the quiz will earn you a certificate of achievement. So now let’s have a quick look at what etiquette is, and what it isn’t, and why I think you should develop your understanding of it. When people hear the word etiquette, they think perhaps of their grandmother. They think it’s an outdated concept. What’s the point?
It can’t be useful today. Why should we be so worried about these rules anyway? So I’m here, to show you, that it’s not outdated. It is in fact, a very current subject. And don’t worry, really, there are no rules. You can’t get it right or wrong. You shouldn’t be frightened of etiquette. Etiquette is simply the expectations of how to approach certain situations. And if you understand and you are familiar with those expectations, there’s no going wrong. Etiquette should be seen as a guide, a helpful aid to guide you through what could be a tricky situation. So understanding etiquette means you are equipped with the tools to succeed, to build confidence, and gain respect in your chosen profession.
While there is a traditional aspect to etiquette, it’s also a dynamic subject area, changing according to external forces and influences in the modern world. Which is why this program includes guidance for the new normal, a post COVID view, and how to conduct a video conference. What has replaced the handshake? How to wear a mask with elegance and style? For me, as an academic, etiquette is a fascinating area, as it incorporates so many different fields of study. Behavioral science, psychology, sociology, among others. And that is what makes this course different. Because together we’re going to look at etiquette, from a theoretical standpoint.
We will examine the theories and the models that have informed and shaped the behavior and attitudes, which are now expected by society and in business in the modern world. So what your granny taught you is still useful, but what this course teaches you, will go beyond your expectations, and give you the confidence and the know-how to gain respect in the world of global business. Remember, the key to good manners is also the key to good business, and the key to success, and the key to your personal success. Let a knowledge and an understanding of etiquette open doors for you.

Watch Dr. Thomas, consultant in Business Etiquette and Education, analysing the importance of modern business etiquette in global career success. In the coming steps, she will teach us:

• The importance of Business Etiquette in global business success

• Competitive advantage: enhancing company performance and culture

• Understanding social expectations as a way to enhance your business image

• Impact company reputation and employer branding

• Etiquette provides the skills to match certain expectations and it is far from outdated

• Etiquette is a helpful guide to manage tricky situations

• Tools to succeed in building confidence and gain respect in your profession

• Business Etiquette in a fast-changing environment: video conferencing, Covid-19…

• Behavioural Science, Psychology, Sociology, are all part of this dynamic topic

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