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What we’ve learned so far

In this article, A/Prof Marcus O’Donnell provides a summary of what was covered, including some key takeaways.
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This week we focused on the relationship between self-management, employability and the changing world of work. In this article, Marcus O’Donnell provides a summary of what was covered, including some key takeaways.
So far in this course we’ve looked at what self-management is, why it matters to your employability and what employers look for when it comes to self-management.
You shared your understanding about what self-management is, and we heard from employers and high-performing self-managing employees about their insights with regards to the importance of self-management in the workplace.
We also looked at ways to evidence you self-management capabilities through the lens of digital micro-credentials and gave you the opportunity to benchmark your current self-management skills against international qualifications frameworks and Deakin’s professional practice criteria.

Key takeaways

In the changing world of work, there is a growing emphasis on key transferable skills like self-management.
Good self-managers can help an organisation to improve its practical outcomes and overall functioning, while also managing their own personal and career development.
By evidencing your skills in self-management, you can demonstrate to current and future employers that you are a valuable employee capable of making a positive contribution to thier organisation.

Your task

Based on what you’ve covered so far in this course, what are your key takeaways for this week?
Are there any questions that you’d like to ask or ideas that you’d like to clarify before taking the quiz in the next step?
Discuss your takeaways and share questions in the comments.
If you see a question you can answer, use reply to respond. Also, remember to like any posts that particularly interest or resonate with you.
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