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Welcome to the course of Shang Han Lun

Dr Jenny Tung will introduce you to an engaging Chinese medicine MOOC - Shang Han Lun on FutureLearn.
Hi, I am Tung Shong Jenny, Programme Director of the Chinese Medicine Subject Group at HKU SPACE. Our Programme Team has been offering Chinese Medicine education in Hong Kong for more than 30 years, and we have accumulated rich teaching experience. Well received in Hong Kong, our programmes are diverse in different fields and levels. In recent years, Chinese Medicine education and clinical treatment have become increasingly popular overseas. It is because Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasises the observation of the human body as a whole, and its diagnosis and therapy accentuate individual specificity. This mode of thinking brings ancient Chinese Medicine closer to the truth.
Treatise on Febrile Diseases caused by Cold, Shang Han Lun, an introductory textbook, is selected for learning Chinese Medicine clinical thinking. In addition, experts from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine co-produced this course with our team. We hope that anyone who is interested in Chinese medicine will have the opportunity to learn the authentic Chinese medicine thinking. See you in the course.

Watch the above video where our lead educator, Dr Jenny Tung, introduces the course.

Introducing our lead educator

Dr Jenny Tung Shong is Programme Director of the Chinese Medicine subject group, Associate Head of the College of Life Sciences and Technology of HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education. She has held many public positions in the Chinese medicine industry for many years, including an elected member of the 4th Council of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. She actively promotes Chinese medical education in Hong Kong and has developed and launched various Chinese medicine programmes for medical professionals and the general public over the years.

With the educational background of Chinese literature and Chinese medicine, she is good at explaining theory of ancient Chinese medicine with lifelike examples. Dr Tung is also passionate about Chinese medicine clinical practice. As a descendant of the well-known school of Lingnan Luo’s gynaecology in the Chinese medical field, she is actively committed to the treatment of various diseases, which is well received by her patients, through using a combination of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Her teaching and learning philosophy

Dr Tung has wished for many years to promote the study and application of classic Chinese medicine theory. She is fully confident that there are universal significance and reproducibility in the application of the holistic concepts in ancient Chinese medicine to understand human physiology and pathology. In addition, the application provides alternative ideas for the treatment of intractable diseases.

She invited famous experts from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, her alma mater, to jointly launch this course. This is the beginning of her promotion of Chinese medical education on FutureLearn. She hopes that various Chinese medicine courses will be launched on this platform in the near future. Such courses will help clinicians improve their diagnosis and treatment capabilities, and promote communication and interaction between Chinese and Western medical doctors around the world.

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Chinese Medicine: Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold (Shang Han Lun)

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