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Key Sentences

Summarize the weekly key sentences.

Congratulations! You have made it to this step. Now let us take a look at the key sentences in this week. Keep in mind that one of the best ways to improve your language skills is practising in a real context. And always remember that review what you have learned before you move to the next week’s activities.

今天你穿得真漂亮。 Jīntiān nǐ chuān de zhēn piàoliang.
她就是那个唱歌唱得非常好听的女孩子。 Tā jiù shì nàge chànggē chàng de fēicháng hǎotīng de nǚháizi.
祝你越来越漂亮,越来越年轻。 Zhù nǐ yuèláiyuè piàoliang ,yuèláiyuè niánqīng.
我呀,酒喝得越多,汉语就说得越流利。 Wǒ ya ,jiǔ hē de yuè duō ,Hànyǔ jiù shuō de yuè liúlì.
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