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Caregivers: Give yourself value

Caregivers for those with Alzheimer's must not forget to also take care of themselves. Watch Jolene Brackey explain more.
So if you are the person who’s giving care, if you are that person, recognize that you’ve got to fit joy into your day if you’re gonna be able to do this. And, no one’s going to come up to you and give you permission. No one’s going to come up to and go, my, you’re so crabby. You’re so crabby, can you get a drink or go for a walk or something? No one is gonna come up and give you permission to do something that makes you feel better. No one can even feel when the crabbiness is coming on, right? Only you can feel that. So when you feel the crabbiness is coming on, you gotta give yourself permission.
If you say to somebody, I told you ten times, know that that’s a ding-ding-ding. You need to go for a walk or get a drink. [LAUGH] Because you’re feeling, and you’re not helping anyone when you’re feeling crabby or exhausted. So give yourself permission to take a nap, sleep when they sleep. Walk ahead of them, walk by yourself a little bit longer. Take time for you, fit that into your day. The other thing, if you’re a caregiver, nobody is gonna come up to you and go, you’ve worked too long, you better head home. No, if you do this for a profession, they’re gonna come up to you and go, can you do another shift?
Who’s the only person that can say, I am important too?
You know what? I am important too, I’m gonna head home. I’m gonna go take a bath, I’m gonna listen to my music. I’m important, so I’m gonna do something that makes me feel good. And your kids aren’t gonna give you that permission, your person you’re caring for isn’t going to give you that permission. Your partner’s not even probably going to give you that permission. Who’s the only person that can give to you from you? You, cuz I’m gonna tell you, if you try to do this 24/7, that means you’re a care giver, which means you give and you give and you give and you give and you give.
If you don’t give to yourself in the process, what will you lose in the process? Yourself, and the people that you love. You are important. Who gets to decide that?
You. So please fit something in your day that brings you joy, so you can create joy.
Creating moments of joy is not only important for those with Alzheimer’s, it’s important for everyone.
What are a few things you can do to fit joy into your day?
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Creating Moments of Joy for People with Alzheimer’s

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