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Who are the Gamers? Who are the Influencers? Who is the Audience? In Conversation with Hannah Anderson, Head of Social and Creative at Kyma.

Hannah Anderson, Head of Social & Creative at Kyma discusses the dynamics of influencer marketing.
Watch the 5 minute film…

Things to notice, understand and consider…

The metrics.
Notice how Hannah points to the need to make people care or they’ll scroll past. What do you think she means when she says that you need to look beyond the metrics? How does she describe the process for achieving this?

Think about what engagement really means?

Hierarchy of engagement.
Listen out for Hannah’s description of the hierarchy of engagement?

Matching influencers to brands.
Make sure your message is suited to the influencer Why do you think Hannah says that you need to listen to influencers? / Understand the influencers? Think about how Kairos match-make influencers to brands.

Core Level passion.
Listen to how Hannah describes what Kairos looks for in the people who work for them.

Honesty and Authenticity.
How do you think people sniff out when they are being sold to? Think about how Hannah describes what you need to do to avoid this.

Successful influencer collaboration.
Listen to Hannah’s advice on best practice when working with an influencer.

The reason content has traction is that its not advertising, so the more it looks like advertising the less traction it will have.

Questions to answer / things to follow up…
List the elements within the hierarchy of engagement that Hannah describes? Can you remember Hannah’s description of best practice when working with an influencer? Is there anything that you would add to her description?

Post your thoughts in the comments section below…

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Creating Strategies for Influencer Marketing

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