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Who you’ll hear from in this course

An introduction video to the creatives featured in D&AD's Creative Resilience course

In this course, you’ll hear from a variety of creatives who will share their expeirneces.

They are:

You’ll also hear the voice of two key trainers, Elvira and Kim. Both work closely with creatives throughout their career as coaches and will provide the theory and practical elements to this course, to guide you and provide background understanding to the creative’s experiences.


Elvira is a Creative Director, a transformation coach, and the co-founder of Tales of Tomorrow, a design studio for conscious creativity with an academy for personal and professional development in service of resourceful creatives.

In 2019 she achieved Platinum Miles Status traveling the world with her job yet found herself deeply depleted of inner resources, and embarked on a sabbatical. She spent time in retreats, on falling and staying in love, her coaching certification, and co-creating a digital Resilience Platform, before finally aligning her passions and beliefs in her new venture Tales of Tomorrow.

You’ll hear her voice throughout the course as she provides exercises to help build your resilience.


After 20+ years of progressive growth managing well-known non-profits, Kim Snapper coaches individuals to achieve personal and professional success. Her training as an Executive Coach and Life Coach, along with her license as a clinical social worker, enables her to easily partner with people to improve their lives.

Whether your challenges are in the workplace, the home front, or the tricky balance of managing both, Kim will be the guiding voice you’ll hear thought-out this course to share the theory behind resilience.

Now you’ve met the team, let’s hear what they have to say!

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How to Build Your Creative Resilience

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