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Welcome to the team

In this video, we introduce the team and preview the subjects we'll be covering over the next few weeks.

To welcome you to our Culturepreneurship course, we wanted to give you this quick introduction to showcase the subject along with the people you will be learning with. Here is a little breakdown:

Ashley Temple

Creative Director

With over 17 years in the Creative Industry, I have led award winning teams for the biggest broadcasters like BBC and Global Radio (home of Capital Radio, Heart, Classic FM, etc). I have also set up and sold media companies, tapping into current trends to make a difference. I love sports, geeky stuff, computer games, design, cooking and super heroes!

Ash Temple

Each week we’ll drop into a conversation with our students, seeing them progress and hopefully asking questions that you may have while giving examples that can support your learning. Here are the people you will be meeting each week.

Beth Whitehead

Dance BA (Hons)

I did this course as I want to understand what skills and steps I need to take as a dancer building a creative startup. I don’t have much knowledge on business and need to know where to start.

Mukhtar Moalin

Drama and theatre arts

I wanted to do this course as an easy and structured approach to starting a business. Exploring ways in which to diversify the local community through theatre. I have no experience in making a business before.

Chidera Okoye

Dance and theatre arts

I wanted to understand how to turn my love of theatre into a business. I wanted to build confidence in making my business as I have never done it before.

Tuck FM

BA Music Technology

I wanted to do the course to pen my creative music ideas into business ideas and a tangible business.

Previously, I worked in fashion, I co-founded Busardi, a fashion label based in Bangkok.

We’ll also hear from industry experts, people who have done this before, to offer their advice.

Finally, a lot is up to you. The more you put in, the more you will get out. There is a chance to join discussions throughout this course, join the community and get involved, share ideas and support others.

It’s exciting making your business and it does take time and effort. This course will take you step-by-step to help you understand that process. So take your time and work at the pace you want and who knows where this could lead? You could be the next Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Phil Knight (founder of Nike), Ed Catmull (Founder of Pixar) or just be you as the master of your own creative destiny running a business you love!

So why not tell us why you are here and what you hope you’ll get from this course?

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Culturepreneurship: How to Start a Creative Business

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