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Applying Playbooks

In the previous step, you learnt about creating and managing templates that will make your role simpler.

To ensure consistency in your business process or to know what steps to follow in certain scenarios or events, rely on the Playbooks prepared by your managers that guide you with the actions you can take.

Playbooks can also contain best practices based on practices that have worked in similar situations before.

To use Playbooks, you must have the Playbook user role or equivalent permissions.

Go to the record you want to launch Playbook from. For example, if you know your organisation has Playbooks created for leads, open a lead record.

On the command bar, select Launch Playbook.

The Launch Playbook button appears on an entity form only when there’s at least one published Playbook template for that entity. If you do not see this button, talk to your Playbook manager.

Screenshot of launching a playbook.

In the Playbook templates dialogue box, select a Playbook that you want to use and then select Launch.

Screenshot of selecting a playbook to launch.

The activities are auto-created and will show in the timeline.

When you complete all the activities created for a Playbook, you must mark the Playbook as completed. This helps you to know if the Playbook was successful or not.

To mark a Playbook as completed, go to the record you launched the Playbook from (calling record). In our example the lead record.

In the Playbook record, on the command bar, select Complete as, and then select one of the following results:

  • Successful
  • Not Successful
  • Partially Successful
  • Not Required

Screenshot playbook selecting results of playbook.

In the above image, you can see the number of completed activities and what is outstanding before you could mark it as completed. You can also see the time of the activities associated with this Playbook.

In the next activity, we look at integrated sales tools and our first step features the social sales assistant.

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