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An introduction to AI for Sales

This article offers an introduction to AI for sales, a tool to proactively engage with customers. Let's explore.

What is AI for sales?

AI for Sales is a collection of tools that enable you to proactively engage with customers and identify risks and opportunities across customers and leads.

Dynamics 365 AI for sales

Using Dynamics 365 AI for Sales, you can track customer-related activities, and adjust the questions such as which opportunity should take priority, when a customer was last contacted and who on a team has been interacting with the customer?

Relationship analytics

You can view complete relationship analytics for an individual record, including graphs, KPI’s, email interaction history, cool activity history and relationship health.

These details are available in two expandable sections when you view an individual record, such as a specific opportunity.

Relationship analytics enables Dynamics 365 to assemble relevant information from throughout its database, to create a graphical display of key performance indicators and activity histories. The graphical display shows KPI’s and activity histories for any contact, opportunity, lead or account.

The health and trend of each of your relationships

The feature also calculates the overall health and trend of each of your business relationships. In a highly competitive market, it is important for you to spend time on quality leads to reach your sales targets.

Predictive lead scoring

You must identify and prioritise leads to convert them into opportunities. The predictive lead scoring of Dynamics 365 AI for Sales provides a scoring model to generate scores for leads that are available for you in your pipeline. In that competitive market, it is important for you to spend time qualifying those opportunities to reach your sales targets.

You must identify and prioritise the opportunities to convert these into wins. The predictive opportunity scoring of Dynamics 365 AI for Sales provides a scoring model to generate scores for the opportunities in your pipeline.

The activity wall

Dynamics 365 allows you to view and quickly enter notes on your timeline control, formerly known as the activity wall. When you enter notes regarding a recent meeting or discussion with your customer, Dynamics 365 monitors these notes and gives you intelligent suggestions.

With these suggestions, you can save time and effort for taking actions such as creating a meeting request and adding a contact then and there right on the note.

Who knows whom

As a sales representative, you will interact with leads whom you have never met or talked to, and it can be difficult to turn these interactions into positive outcomes. To help in these situations, Dynamics 365 provides a feature known as, ‘Who knows whom’.

This feature provides you with details such as the names and email addresses of your colleagues who know the lead. With these details, you can contact your colleagues for help in getting introduced to a lead, and increase the chances of a positive outcome during the interaction.

Also, as a sales representative, you interact with many customers, and it can be difficult to remember all the details about them such as the latest entertainment event they may have attended, maybe their favourite sports teams or vacations they have taken.

In Dynamics 365, talking points provides a mechanism to automatically identify such conversation service from your emails. The conversation starters include topics that are related to sports, vacation, family, and entertainment. These insights are available on the contact page.

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Dynamics 365: Customer Engagement for Sales

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