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Quote Lifecycle

One way to increase your sales is to add all products that your customer might need to your quote.

Your Dynamics 365 for Sales can be configured to offer product bundles or product families to make it easier for you to choose products for upsell and cross-sell.

Commonly a customer will request a quote including prices and if they continue this quote becomes an order for products or services.

You’ll probably edit a quote multiple times as a sale progresses. Initially, you create a draft, and then you need to activate the quote when it is ready to go to the customer.

When the customer accepts the quote, you create an order. Otherwise, you close the quote as revised, cancelled, or lost.

Create a Quote

You can create a quote from the quotes area or from an existing opportunity record. If you create the quote from the opportunity record the quote form will be prefilled with important details from the opportunity record.

To add products from your opportunity to your quote, on the command bar of the Quote form, select Get Products. Add more products or remove existing ones from the Products area.

Screenshot of example of products for a quote

It is important to note that the quote and all its line items must use the same currency. For example, if your quote has the currency set to US Dollars, you must use the same currency for the price list items that you add to the quote.

You can’t change the currency of the quote unless you remove all the line items associated with the record. Similarly, if the quote is created from an opportunity, it must use the same currency as the opportunity.

When your quote is ready to send to your customer, on the command bar, select Activate Quote.

Revise a Quote

If the customer comes back to you with changes that maybe needs a requote, for example, you may have quotes for 10 items and they are looking for 100 items, you can then revise the quote. To do this, click the Revise Quote button on the command bar.

Screenshot of how to select Revise Quote

Once you have completed any edits you can save and activate the revised quote. By doing this the old quote is archived and the new quote is now active you will notice that the revision id is incremented one value.

Once you are ready to move on, click Mark as complete and in the following step, we will examine sending quotes.

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