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Following the quote lifecycle, if the customer is ready to progress, they will place an order for your products or services.

One way that can help you increase your sales is to add all products that your customer might need to your order. Your Dynamics 365 for Sales system can be configured to offer product bundles or product families to make it easier for you to choose products for upselling and cross-selling. If you’ve already prepared a quote for your customer, you can create an order from that quote.

Create an Order from a Quote

Typically, you convert a quote that you have won into an order. Start with an active quote:

Screenshot of active quote

Note: that after a quote is accepted, you won’t be able to revise it.
  1. Select the site map Site Map icon, and then select Quotes.
  2. Select the quote you want to create an order from.
  3. On the command bar, select Activate Quote.
  4. Select Create Order at the top of the Quote form:
    Screenshot creating an order
  5. In the Create Order dialogue box, the Date Won field is set to the current date. Select a different date if required.
  6. Add a description and select OK.
  7. To add products from your opportunity to your quote, select Get Products at the top of the screen, select your opportunity, and select OK.
  8. Select Save in the lower-right corner of the screen.
Note: Your base record and all its line items must use the same currency. For example, if your order has the currency set to U.S Dollars, you must use the same currency for the price list items that you add to the order.
You can’t change the currency of the base record (in this case, an order) unless you remove all the line items associated with the record. Similarly, if the order is created from a quote that is generated from an opportunity, it must use the same currency as the opportunity.

Create an Order

There is no requirement for you to have a quote in place before you can create an order. If a customer communicates to you that they are ready to place an order right now you can skip the quote process and create an order.
Select the site map icon, and then select Orders.
  1. Select New.
  2. Add your customer’s contact information.
  3. To add products from your opportunity to your order, select Get Products at the top of the screen, select your opportunity, and then select OK. Note you need to enter the tax amount when you add a product to a quote, order, or invoice. Dynamics 365 for Sales does not automatically calculate tax for individual products. However, the total tax is calculated automatically based on the sum of the tax amounts for all the individual products in a quote, order, or invoice.
  4. In the Shipping Information area, enter shipping details.
  5. In the Addresses area, enter shipping and billing addresses.
  6. Select Save in the lower-right corner of the screen.
Note: that you close an order by either fulfilling the order or cancelling the order. Products or services that are shipped are fulfilled. You should cancel orders for any products or services that are not shipped.

You can’t update or change an order after it has been closed, or if it has been partially or completely fulfilled.

In the following step, you will learn how to create an invoice.

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