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The data used – Mercat Tours

Watch the video on the sources of data Mercat Tours used and discuss the equivalent data for your business.
I think probably one of the easiest things and one of the first things that we always look at for data, is country of origin, so we offer tours in French and German and previously Spanish. So for us we need to know that we are getting enough of, enough customers who speak those languages, to run those tours. But it also allows us to identify countries, that maybe we don’t offer their native language but we’re actually getting a lot of those visitors. So this year was, last year actually we introduced an Italian speaking tour, because we had seen a rise in so many Italian visitors to our tour, on our tours and to the city as a whole.
We knew that Italian visitors were on the rise, so we wanted to offer them a tour in their language and so that’s for us, quite an easy example of ways of monitoring our data, but also data that the other organizations were providing and to introduce a new product.

Can you think of an equivalent experience that you or similar businesses in the tourism sector face? (what kinds of information did firms find most commonly useful?)

Please share your ideas with the others on the course.

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Understanding Data in the Tourism Industry

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