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Engage with the data

In this video you will hear suggestions about how to best engage with data.
The results aren’t instantaneous, I think when you’re learning about how to use data you have to be patient You have, we’ve sort of been guilty of expecting too much too soon We’re quite we’re quite passionate about doing the very best we can but sometimes that brings with it a level of impatience and I think that in the first year What we realize is that we shouldn’t change too much, too soon. We should learn from the data test and trial in small quantities Because that’s the beauty of the data so you can speak to two people, or two hundred people, or two thousand people But what we were probably doing was trying too much, too soon.
And so what we, what we then did was was engaged with a slightly sort of smaller scale of race goers, tested certain things and then learnt from those and worked out what really worked for us and our customers and I think that’s been the biggest lesson for us. It takes time to engage confidently and Appropriately with race goes because everybody wants a personalized experience now. Put your business brain on
you know your business you understand it and I would say step one is: Formulate your own theories about your business that you just instinctively feel are true. Then try and look at your data to see if you have the data to back up that theory? If you don’t have the data, how could you collect it in a low touch way? If you do have the data Can you then interrogate that data to try and find patterns, why it is the way that it is and play with it?
You may get stuck and bogged down and confused But you’ll still be in a better position to then go and talk to someone because you can tell them what you’re confused about What you’re bogged down about. Where as if you go without any sense of what you have and don’t have, I think it’s very hard for somebody else to help you, because they don’t really know what they’re being asked to do.

In this video you will hear suggestions about how to best engage with data.

While watching the video, think about where you currently are regarding your level of data engagement and where you want to get to with it.

Can you build on the foundations, for example regarding basic customer data such as demographics (e.g. what % are men, women, what age ranges, etc.) to include behavioural data (who is booking what and why, are families booking a particular product, are people buying at a particular time and on a particular day)? Do you have a clear idea about your business and what you want to achieve from being data-driven?

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Understanding Data in the Tourism Industry

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