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This video introduces you to the various analytics tools that are out there.
Businesses have access to data, in ways that they probably don’t even think about. In terms of tools that they have access to, in terms of promoting their goods or services. So the most simplistic way, that’s about looking at their website analytics. So getting a better idea about the core international markets, that might be interested in their service. Also social media has a huge part to play now, with our Millennials and our Gen Z-ers. so using those insights, will really help them target their next visitor or guests. There are various, I guess you could say marketing tools, that any business can have access to. So things like Google Analytics.
Everybody uses Facebook, a lot of people use it for businesses, it has its own analytics tool, so does Instagram, so does Twitter. If you’re a small business and you’re new to technology, there are a whole raft of free training courses, workshops, that a lot of the DMOs do in a regional level. So it’s definitely worth reaching out to them, to find out more ,if you’re new to that side of technology. Know your customer and find a way to interrogate your customer, in a way that they buy into. Get a representative sample, so that you can actually trust trust the information. Track it over time, to see how things are are changing.
So that’s that’s kind of from the customer side and there’s lots of sources for that. Your social media, tracking what the successful post is, if you’re doing social media. The other thing I suppose, is using other other’s information, about other places. So certainly in the early days of TripAdvisor, I spent a lot of time looking at reviews of hotels. What are the best hotels in the world? What’s the best bed-and-breakfast? What is best? What is quality? How would it apply here? So our money-back guarantee came partly from Rabbie’s and partly from Premier Inns, as their good night’s sleep guarantee. How if you came to an attraction and they gave you a guarantee of the visit, how good would that be?
Immediately it raised our game too, on the expectations are gonna be super high and it did encourage complaints and that’s that’s that’s great. I mean it’s, getting complaints are actually brilliant data, the most useful data going. People don’t want to complain, so we we given every reason to complain, in a good way. There are various sources of data which which we’ve used, for a very long time. For example Visit Scotland, has an enormous amount of data on the market. What’s happening in the market. In terms of our website, we’ve had various people look at it and Visit Scotland offer a digital, erm I suppose it’s a health, digital health check.

This video introduces you to the various analytics tools that are out there for you to start using, ranging from free website analytics to social media insights. While watching the video, think about the ones you are already using and those you think you may want to learn more about in the future.

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Understanding Data in the Tourism Industry

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