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Social media marketing insights – Scotbeer

Find out about social media marketing through this case study from Scotbeer about their use of facebook
So particular insights that are revealed from our data. One that probably about six months in, I picked up on which I’m really glad that I picked up on, was we had the the best pickup, in terms of trying to get the word out about what we did, among people who didn’t drink beer. So specifically women, sort of 40-plus, not living in cities. We had a really good level of engagement from them. And I got really frustrated with doing Facebook marketing and it just wasn’t converting and I felt well if everything I think that should work, isn’t working, I’ll try the opposite.
That’s when I tried, like people who aren’t interested in beer, you know like, everything that wasn’t stereotypical person you should target a beer tour at. And about two months after doing that, we got heaps of 40th birthdays; 50th birthdays; retirements and then we got lots of Christmas gifting as well. Because those are the people who are making decisions on those things, or influencing the decisions. We also got a lot of groups of guys off the back of it. Because if a guy gets asked to be the best man, the first phone call I think a lot of them make, is to their mum, to ask for help.
So yeah so that was one of the things, the insights that we got. Give people a clear idea of your level of supply and demand. So that’s something that especially in the early days, I did a lot of. So if we had a Saturday that was sold out, so that was very exciting and but it meant that I also had a problem, because I can’t take any more bookings. So how do I use that to our advantage? So we would post on Twitter saying, we’re sold out this weekend, but here are three other things that you can do. So it’s communicating out to people that this is something that’s successful, its popular, which then actually drives more bookings as well.

In this video, Sarah from ScotBeer talks about how they use Facebook insights to find out about the level of engagement from different customer segments to inform their marketing strategy. This is an example of how even small businesses can use social media marketing tools to look at their customer data differently.

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