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Inpatient Wards: Multi-Patient Room Universal Design Technical Sketch

In this article, we'll apply Universal Design guidelines to creating a dementia friendly multi-patient room within an inpatient ward.
Technical Sketch of a Universal Design Dementia Friendly Inpatient Ward Multi-Patient Room
UD Dementia Friendly Design Guidance

A. The approach to the room should consist of a legible route leading to a clearly identifiable door to the room. This can be achieved using large format signage, colour coding, or images to identify room entry on approach.

B. All floor finishes should be non-slip, non-glare, and avoid strong patterns or sharp tonal or colour contrast. The avoidance of contrast is very important at door thresholds to prevent those with visual or cognitive impairments misinterpreting this contrast as a step.

C. Provide good colour or tonal contrast between floors, walls and doors to improved spatial perception for patients.

D. Provide large format date and time clocks to improve temporal orientation and place them within view of the patients.

E. Ensure key spaces such as toilets are clearly visible and easily identified.

F. Ensure each patient bay is easily identified and located through subtle visual cues behind each bed.

G. Provide space beside beds for locker with personal belongings, a comfortable patient chair, and space for visitors.

H. Remove clutter from windows to ensure patients have a clear view to the outside.

I. If possible provide seat by window as a small break-out space within the room.

J. Provide uncluttered, safe and comfortable space for patient mobilisation in the room.

K. To achieve adequate space and a calmer environment, consider, where feasible, reducing the number of bays within a shared patient room.

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Dementia Inclusive Hospitals from a Universal Design Approach

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