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Businesses adapting to mobile

Watch Simon Perry, from OnTheWight, discuss how consumer behaviour has changed rapidly over the past few years & how this is impacting website design.
SIMON PERRY: Companies don’t have a website that allows good mobile access, and they’re cutting off a tonne of their customers. We can have at least 66% or 2/3 on mobile accessing the site, and that’s a massive change over the last two years. The uptake of mobiles is now really significant. The biggest growth in tablets is in the over 65’s. Ofcom figures show there has been a massive explosion because they’re easy to use. You don’t have to understand an operating system. It’s point and press, and you’re away. We can see a definite trend towards mobile. And when I was talking about the live analytics earlier, that’s something seeing which device people are looking from.
There are different profiles of different times of day when people start off on their mobile phones, maybe move to tablet during lunch or breakfast, and then switch back to mobile, and then nine o’clock is a lot of desktops come in. So knowing that, in the last two years, we had a website that works across those three devices, and adapts itself to work across those devices. But we’re developing a special mobile version that is far more sophisticated than the version, the responsive template that we used previously.
Companies are finding that they need to make their websites ‘mobile friendly’ as consumers increasingly expect to access the web via their phones and tablets.
In this video we meet Simon Perry, the News Publisher from OnTheWight, a community news and events site for the Isle of Wight, UK. Simon discusses how consumer behaviour has changed rapidly over the past few years and how this is impacting on the website’s design and functionality.
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