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Confronting and dialoguing

How can we confront stereotyping and dialogue productively? This video is a case study in how to do it.
Open. >> Wide open. >> Spot up jumping. >> Yeah, I saw you, and heard you. Buba bubaball, buba bubaball. >> So why didn’t you pass it? >> Come on man, 30 feet out, you’re not gonna hit that. >> Nigga please, I got Steph Curry range.
Hey pick me up, ball, ball, ball. Two out of three, here we go. >> Save it for next game, Steph. >> [LAUGH] >> Whatever. I’m just saying, I was open. >> And so was Eric for the lay up. >> I’m the math major, three’s better then two. >> Man, you’re exhausted. >> And why didn’t you dunk it? >> Probably because of gravity. >> I could do a 360 windmill. >> [LAUGH] In your dreams. >> And you can dunk? >> Don’t pump reverse is my specialty. >> Nigger, please.
>> You guys heard the new single from Kendrick Lamar? >> Yeah, I’m gonna take a shower and get ready for the event at the BCC tonight. >> You’re going home, Jack? >> You too E.
>> What up? >> You know that thing you said earlier? >> About Kendrick Lamar? This song’s dope, you should check it out. >> No, maybe later. Before that, when I said I could dunk and you said- >> Niggas- >> Yeah. Yeah, you don’t need to say that again, ever. >> I didn’t mean anything by it. >> I know, I know. >> It’s just I thought we were friends. >> Of course, we are. >> Joey calls you that.
>> It’s different when you say it. >> Because I’m white?
>> E, hey. [SOUND] Eric. >> Kendrick Lamar just said the word, like three times in 10 seconds. You and Joey say it to each other in the hallway like you’re saying hello. But the white boy can’t say it? >> Because it matters who says it. >> Okay, whatever. >> No, no, listen, it’s like.
Okay, when I was 12, I wanted to be Lance Armstrong. >> [LAUGH] Lance Armstrong? >> Yeah, before all the cheating stuff came out. You know, LIVESTRONG. I had the bracelets, the t-shirts, the posters on the wall, everything. So for my 12th birthday, my parents surprised me with this bike, and it was dope. It had 24 speeds, racing tires, Tour de France, here I come. So they surprised me with this bike in the garage.
I hopped on that thing and I took off. >> Kevin, put your helmet on. >> Okay, I put my helmet on first and then I took off. I was so excited. I mean, I was flying.
And I got to the edge of my neighborhood, and I said what the hell, and just kept going. But after awhile, I realized I was lost. And then I hit this dead end.
So, I’m going to turn around, and this group of white guys pulls up on me in a jeep. And the driver looks at me and says, hey, what are you doing in our neighborhood? And I was thinking, hey man, it’s a free country. >> Yeah, nobody can tell you where to ride your bike. >> But it wasn’t really a question. It was more of a threat. So I say, sorry, I’m lost. And then the passenger leans across the driver, and he’s like, don’t you come around here again, hear me? And this was definitely a threat. So I jumped on my bike and I booked it. And then I heard, [SOUND]. It might have been a shotgun, possibly a cherry bomb.
I don’t know. I was 12 and I was scared out of my mind. And then, I hear this voice yell behind me, you come back here again and you’ll be a dead nigger. >> Wow, that’s awful. >> Yeah, so that’s what I think of when a white person calls me the n-word.
>> I get it now man, I’m sorry. >> You still my brother from another mother? >> You know it. >> Good, because I can not handle Joey on my own. [LAUGH]
Should we confront stereotyping? How can we confront stereotyping? How can we dialogue when we address differences and diversity? Please watch this video case study on how to do this successfully.
After watching the video, mark this step complete and move on to the following steps for discussion.
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