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Analysing for diversity and accuracy

In this activity, we'll question the validity of using one-off DEI training to increase diversity, equity and inclusion.

There are plenty of DEI, D&I and other variously acronymed courses out there – including this one. Often, they are used as a sort of checkbox approach to increasing diversity: ‘Great! That’s done – we’re diverse now.’

No course can ‘teach’ diversity because it’s not a thing to be taught. To achieve greater diversity, we need to constantly and actively analyse our research process and hiring practices for diversity.

As we’ve already explored, diversity is not a goal; it’s a constant process of self-reflection and change. It’s about questioning our values, beliefs and actions both as individuals and businesses.

Later in the course, we’ll explore some methods of thought people can use to reflect on the diversity and representative accuracy of their processes. For now, let’s explore some possibilities together.

In the comments, suggest three questions people can ask to assess their work for diversity and accuracy.

For example:

  1. In what ways could my hypothesis be false?
  2. Are my research sources valid?
  3. Are there any similarities between my research subjects, and can I list them?

If another learner provides a question that you think is better than one of yours, rewrite your three questions with the new question.

You can rewrite your questions as many times as you like.

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Cultivating Diversity through Research and Insights

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