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Building networks

Building networks is crucial in creating an inclusive school. Watch this video by Chioma Ohajunwa. Join the Education for All free online course.
Hello everyone, and welcome to the final week of this course. This week we consolidate all that we have covered in the course and reflect on our own learning. What is the way forward? How do we bring all this together to begin to understand what our possible roles might be? As Roy said previously, we do and should not have to do it alone. Inclusion is about the society as a whole, not the individual. There is a need to build up a community of practice and connect to people who can be involved directly or indirectly and help facilitate the goals of inclusion.
Community of practice is about people coming together to work on something they have a similar interest for, like when people become interested in making schools inclusive. We discuss and focus on that this week, as your wrap-up.
Last week we touched on the practical ways in which we could adapt the curriculum in order to accommodate the needs of learners with varying needs. This week, in our sixth and final session, we want to look at how to move forward and to use the information that has been gained during the course to create more inclusive practices in education.

To do this, you will need to continuously develop your own skills and rely on the support of others, as it is very difficult to do on your own. We will look at how you can build social capital to support your journey toward inclusive education, and we will identify some useful resources and practices to help you on this journey. We will also be asking you to reflect on what you have learnt during the course. Finally, we would like to invite you to tell us how you experienced the course generally and how we could improve it.

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