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Welcome to the course

Welcome to EMI for Academics, a free online course.
MARY PAGE: Hello, and welcome to this course in English as a Medium of Instruction, or EMI. My name is Mary Page.
ROB BAIRD: And I’m Rob Baird. And we will be your guides as we look at the key ideas around the challenges and good practises around using English as a medium of instruction in teaching.
MARY PAGE: In this course, we’ll be asking, what is EMI? We’ll be investigating different contexts of EMI around the world.
ROB BAIRD: We will consider language. And we will give you some useful structures to use to present your ideas clearly. We will also consider how important it is to be accurate with your language.
MARY PAGE: We will focus on some key aspects of EMI, such as good practise in lecturing and how to use the voice effectively. And we’ll give you some top tips in how to address communication challenges that you might face.
ROB BAIRD: So we do hope you enjoy this course. And we look forward to talking with you in the discussion areas.

In this video, Mary Page and Rob Baird welcome you to this course in English as a Medium of Instruction for Academics.

They outline the topics that will be covered during the course and introduce themselves.

English Medium Instruction (EMI) courses are becoming familiar in universities around the globe. Increasing numbers of academics and teachers working in universities around the world are being asked to teach in English and work with an international cohort of students. This course will explore how to communicate effectively in international contexts.

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English as a Medium of Instruction for Academics

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