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Example Tutorial Discussion

Watch three students discussing the benefits of AI in a university tutorial and using phrases for clarification.
In this video you will see some students discussing artificial intelligence. We will use this discussion to learn some phrases for clarification. As you are watching it now, take notes to answer these questions. Then check your answers under the video. Pause the video now to write them down.
[teacher] Good morning everyone. It’s good to see you all again. Today we’ll be discussing artificial intelligence or AI.
Let’s first consider this question: “What are some of the ways that AI can improve our lives?” [Maxine] I think one major benefit of AI is for the police. [teacher] Thanks for that example, Maxine But could you explain a bit more about what you mean? How exactly does AI help in police work? [Maxine] Sure, what I mean is it can improve the efficiency of police work. So for example, if the police need to identify someone, they can use facial recognition technology to quickly find a match in the database. Do you see what I mean? [teacher] Yes, that’s a good example. Can anyone else think of other ways that AI can improve our lives? [Ammar] What about with cars? [Saher] Sorry, Ammar.
I don’t understand how cars relate to AI. [Ammar] Sorry, Saher, let me explain more clearly. I mean that AI is used to create self driving cars. [teacher] So, Ammar, what exactly do you think are the benefits of self driving cars? [Ammar] There are a lot of benefits. They prevent car accidents, improve traffic efficiency and they are better for the environment. [teacher] Can you tell us a bit more about how self driving cars help environment? [Ammar] Yes, so firstly self driving cars are likely to be electric so that they will significantly reduce emissions and also the speed of self driving cars won’t change as much so there will be less breaking and accelerating.
[Saher] I partly understand but could you please explain how less braking and accelerating helps the environment? [Ammar] Yes sorry so here I didn’t explain that very well. So when people are driving cars they usually brake and accelerate a lot, more than they need to, and this actually uses up more fuel or energy. [Maxine] So you mean that self driving cars will actually save energy? [Ammar] Yes, that’s right; by breaking and accelerating less than normal cars. Does everyone understand? [Saher] Yes, that’s clear. [teacher] That’s a great example Ammar. Are there any other benefits you can think of?

In this video, you will see three students, Maxine, Saher, and Ammar, participating in a discussion during their artificial intelligence tutorial. As you are watching, answer these questions.


  1. What question does the teacher ask?
  2. Which student thinks that AI improves the efficiency of police work?
  3. What are 3 benefits related to cars that Ammar talks about?
  4. Why does Ammar think self-driving cars are good for the environment?

photos of the students and teacher from the discussion

You can download the answers to the questions here: ANSWERS


How do you think AI can improve our lives? Do you agree or disagree with any of the opinions in the video?

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