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The purpose of this assignment is to help you prepare for the final assignment in this course, which will be to conduct, analyze and report the results of a realistic user test. We have prepared a comprehensive set of materials for conducting a user test of the travel booking website you selected.

Finding time and people for scheduling test sessions is often one of the biggest challenges in conducting a test. We do want you to conduct at least one session on your own. If you can conduct more than that, it will be a great experience for you.

Analyzing sessions conducted by someone else can be quite valuable as well. We’ve included some sample sessions using an old travel booking website, Obviously, the interface on this site is likely quite different than the site you chose. However, watching these videos will still provide some insight into how a user test can be conducted.

You will conduct at least 1 user test for this assignment. We recommend you conduct 2-5 user tests. Conducting 5-7 user tests (or more) is typical in the industry, but we are allowing this smaller number as a first introduction to user testing and to accommodate learners who have difficulty recruiting suitable participants. Aiming for five participants is recommended if it can be managed, as this will provide a richer learning experience that more closely resembles real-world practice. This assessment is self-reported. You simply have to perform the requested actions and check them off! To get ready for the test, you will need to:

1) Review all materials (and update them to include your site’s name) 2) Perform all tasks and become familiar with the “correct” solution. 3) Schedule 1-5 test participants

** If you are having difficulty recruiting participants, you could recruit a family member you live with or have close contact with**

** The sample video mentioned earlier could be found in Step 4.8 **

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Evaluating Designs with Users

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