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It’s only together that we move forward

In this video, Randy discusses how he became part of a group who believe in community mentorship and highlights what you can expect from the course.
Look around you and observe what’s happening within your community. Do you see something that you want to change or improve? Are there people that you feel you can help and support? That’s what I decided to do.
I’m Randy from the Compton Cowboys. We are a group of friends, horse riders, and mentors, from Compton, California. As a collective, we believe in creating change through community engagement, which then empowers others to achieve the things that really matter to them. Over the years, we have actively promoted the benefits of horseback riding and cowboy culture to inspire the next generation of followers. Through mentorship, and education, and reclaiming the legacy of African-Americans from the West, we confront the stereotypes and oppression that many have faced, and continue to face. Only together we can empower and create a stronger community for everyone, and then live a life full of passion and purpose.
And this is why I teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger, to produce this course on exploring mentorship and community change. Tommy has been at the forefront of fashion and lifestyle for several decades, all the while supporting current themes surrounding identity and body acceptance, while funding various projects on social activism around the world. This two week course will explore the topic of community mentorship, and the impact it has on individuals and society as a whole. You will learn more about the history of Black Cowboys in the American West, and how the Compton Cowboys have contributed to the progression of the community in Compton, California. We achieved this by following our calling.
You will be able to share your own experiences, comment, and reflect on the experiences of your peers from around the world, and together, discover and discuss ways in which you can take action. We all have something to contribute to this journey, because it is only together that we can move forward and make a change. How can you give back to your community, and transform your life at the same time? Remember, passion and commitment combined is a powerful tool. Are you ready to discover together? I know you will enjoy this course. Let’s go.

Randy, leader and co-founder of the Compton Cowboys, talks about his journey to mentorship. He is a believer in community change. Listen to his story.

Throughout this course, we will hear from Randy on many occasions. He will discuss the concepts surrounding community and mentorship and how important both are for change.

“It’s only together that we move forward”.
What kinds of things motivated Randy to become a leader in his community?
Why is it important for him to develop the necessary change?

Randy stands, looking down at the camera with a white sheet behind him and blue sky in the background. He is wearing a white polo t-shirt and a cowboy hat.

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Exploring Mentorship and Community Change with the Compton Cowboys

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