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It’s only together that we move forward

In this video, singer-songwriter, filmmaker and designer, Mogli introduces the course and the concept of sustainability.
Have you ever wondered how much it costs the earth to leave your light bulb on throughout the night? Or how much it costs the world to leave your tap running when you don’t need the water? And have you ever wondered about the impact your choices have on you and those around you?
Hey, I’m Mogli. I’m a singer and filmmaker, and I use my creativity as a tool to raise awareness on topics that matter. I believe in female empowerment, and diversity, and sustainability, and in talking openly about topics like mental health. How can you and I support each other in feeling more connected to the world? Making healthier and more enriching choices can lead us on a greater path of happiness. Changing the world and identifying what truly matters to us, because it’s only together that we can make a change and move forward. This is why I’ve teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger to produce this course on sustainable living and loving.
Tommy Hilfiger has been very supportive on the journey to sustainability, while exploring current themes surrounding identity and body acceptance, funding various projects on social activism around the world. In this two week course, you will explore how the climate crisis is impacting us. The effects of overconsumption and how we can work towards developing a sustainable lifestyle and making positive change through community action. You’ll be able to share your experiences, comment on the experiences of your peers around the world. And together, reflect and discover the ways you can take action, make a change, and support a cause. So let’s discover together. I hope you enjoy the course.

Mogli introduces the concept of sustainability to us in this video. There will be more videos of her sharing her own experiences on her path to a sustainable lifestyle and how it is connected to her personal well-being throughout the course.

Together with Mogli we will reflect on how self-care is a first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle and how in the end, we all have the power if we work together as a community to achieve this.

This course is centred around the big question, how can we work towards living a sustainable lifestyle? We will take a close look at how and why we consume the way we do, how our consumption affects the natural balance of our planet and what we do to ourselves if we consume too much. By sharing diverse experiences we will discuss how we can turn passion into action, investigating the ways to affect positive change.

“It’s only together that we move forward”.

A singer-songwriter, filmmaker and designer, Mogli believes passionately in female empowerment, sustainability and talking about mental health. She uses her platform to advocate for a more thoughtful way of living.

A photograph of Mogli sat on the floor with her legs crossed in front of a blue couch with a yellow cushion on it. Mogli is leaning slightly to the right and is wearing a white jumper and trousers and is looking at the camera

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Exploring Sustainable Living and Loving with Mogli

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