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What do you do in Taiwan?

In this part, let's learn how to answer "what do you do in Taiwan?"
When you come to Taiwan the question you may get asked the most is What do you do in Taiwan Is that right, May Yes People will ask you
來(lái)is come 台灣(táiwān)you already know It’s Taiwan 做(zuò)is do so it literally means You come Taiwan do what That’s the structure of Chinese In English we say What do you do in Taiwan Similarly, question word here is 做什麼(zuò shén me) so you just need to replace this to have the answer 我來台灣(Wǒ lái tái wān)
So for me I came to Taiwan to study master’s degree So 我來台灣讀碩士(Wǒ lái tái wān dú shuò shì) 讀碩士(dú shuò shì)means study master’s degree Now let’s do some practice
What is 學中文(xué zhōng wén) 學中文 means study Mandarin Stop kidding You are Mandarin teacher You should teach us Mandarin instead of learning Mandarin Alright Now I have been to Taiwan for 5 years sometimes I heard people said they’ve come to Taiwan to travel or even to have girlfriend or boyfriend So how do you say that in Chinese, May OK Repeat after me 我來台灣旅行(Wǒ lái tái wān lǚ xíng) 旅行(lǚ xíng)is Travel or 我來台灣交女朋友 (Wǒ lái táiwān jiāo nǚ péng yǒu)) 交女朋友(jiāo nǚ péng yǒu) means get a girlfriend Yeah I should memorize this sentence.

When you come to Taiwan, the question you may get asked the most is “What do you do in Taiwan?” Your answers might be traveling, studying or even getting a boyfriend and girlfriends. Let’s see how to answer.

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