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Where do you live?

This is used not only at meeting a new friend, but also filling the form, sending a mail. It's practical.
In this video, we will teach how to ask and answer question Where do you live in Chinese Do you still remember question word 哪(nǎ) it means which, right But when it comes with the word 裡(lǐ) 哪裡(nǎ lǐ)means which place or where Now I will give you some vocabulary for this 你(nǐ)is you 住(zhù)is live 在(zài)is preposition 在(zài)is preposition in,on or at and bear in mind in Chinese question word is put in the end of sentence Now it’s time for you to translate Anyone says
Actually both are correct because 在 can be omitted sometimes in spoken language Now practice one more time Repeat after me
你住在哪裡(Nǐ zhù zài nǎ lǐ)
你住哪裡(Nǐ zhù nǎ lǐ) How do we answer this question It’s easy Just remember the principle of Chinese for answers is to replace question words Correct 你住在哪裡(Nǐ zhù zài nǎ lǐ) 我住在台灣(Wǒ zhù zài táiwān) You see just replace ­哪裡 with a place that you live you will have your own answer Now let’s do more practice 你住在哪裡(Nǐ zhù zài nǎ lǐ)
我住在英國(Wǒ zhù zài yīng guó) 你住在哪裡(Nǐ zhù zài nǎ lǐ) I know what you mean 我住在你的心裡(Wǒ zhù zài nǐ de xīn lǐ) It means I live in your heart Wow, so sweet you can use this sentence to pick up girls Remember 你的心裡(nǐ de xīn lǐ)means your heart
then use the grammar that you just learnt you already have a very sweet pick-up line when you come to Taiwan

When you meet a new friend, enter a country, or send a mail, you will often use this practical sentence.

If someday your lover asks you “ Where do you live?”, there is a chance that you can say:”I live in your heart.”. Do you know how to say it in Mandarin?

Let’s watch the video and practice!

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