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How much is it?

Asking price is the second important question in Chinese-speaking environment.
This is a sentence that is very necessary for you to survive in Chinese-speaking environment It’s asking about price How do you say how much in Chinese
多少(duō shǎo)means how much 錢(qián)is money So bear in mind 多少錢(Duō shǎo qián) Can you recommend us some useful words about this topic Yep 原價(yuán jià) 原價(yuán jià) 打折(dǎz hé) 打折(dǎzhé) 便宜(pián yí) 便宜(pián yí) 便宜一點(pián yí yì diǎn) 便宜一點(pián yí yì diǎn) Trust me if you can learn those words, you can survive in Taiwan for sure

This is a sentence that is very necessary for you to survive in Chinese-speaking environment. It’s about asking prices. How do you say “how much” in Mandarin?

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