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Are you available tomorrow?

The first question need to ask is "are you available that time?"
May, after I get the contact, the next step is that, I want to ask people out. Maybe for lunch, dinner or movie. How do I say that in Chinese? You should know if he or she is available or not.
In Chinese, we say: 你(nǐ) + 時間(shíjiān) + 有空嗎(yǒu kòng ma)? 你(nǐ) + 時間(shíjiān) + 有空嗎(yǒu kòng ma)?
For example: 你明天下午有空嗎? (Are you available in tomorrow afternoon? ) 你明天下午有空嗎? (Are you available in tomorrow afternoon? )
That’s mean:Are you available in tomorrow afternoon? We will provide other vocabulary about Time for you, so you can grab your chance to ask somebody out: 明天 (Tomorrow) 明天 (Tomorrow) 昨天 (Yesterday) 昨天 (Yesterday) 今天 (Today) 今天 (Today) 早上 (Morning) 早上 (Morning) 中午 (Noon) 中午 (Noon) 下午 (Afternoon) 下午 (Afternoon) 晚上 (Evening) 晚上 (Evening) Now it’s time for practice. 你明天早上有空嗎? (Are you available in tomorrow morning?) 有啊 (Yes.) 我們去看電影吧(Let’s go to the movies.) 好啊(OK.)

When you have a new friend, you might want to hang out with him/her or ask him/her out. How do we say that in Mandarin?

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