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How to create and edit Internal shape in CLO 3D. Read the article for some bullet points.
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Internal shape

Internal shapes are shaped inside patterns. They can be used to clone new patterns, convert to holes, add folding angles, apply sewing lines or simply as a reference for constructing garments. The major methods to generate internal shapes/lines: internal shape tools, adding a perpendicular internal line, offset internal line and distributing internal line between segments.

Internal shape tools
You can find them in the 2D toolbar.

Four types of Internal shape tools

1. The internal polygon/line, internal rectangle and internal ellipse work in the same way as polygon, rectangle and ellipse. The only difference is that you need to click within a pattern. 2. With a dart, you can click and drag a dart within a pattern or a single click within a pattern to get Create Dart window.

The create dart window

__ Add perpendicular internal line __
Use the Edit pattern tool and right-click on a pattern outline/internal line.

The location of Add perpendicular Internal Line

1. Local>Add Perpendicular Internal Line window.

The Add Perpendicular Internal Line Window

__ Offset as internal line __
Use the Edit pattern tool and right-click on a pattern outline/internal line. Or hold shift to select multiple lines and right-click.

The location of Offset as internal line

Then you will get Offset as an Internal Line window.

The Offset as Internal Line Window

__ Distribute internal line between segment __
Use the Edit pattern tool and hold shift to select two non-intersecting lines. Right-click to access to Distribute internal line between segments.

The location of Distribute internal line between segment

Distribute Internal Line between Segments window allows you to customize its properties.

__ Function of internal shapes __
Use the Edit patterns tool to double-click on the internal shape or marquee over it to select all lines and points and right-click. You have Clone as pattern, Convert to Hole/Baseline, Cut/Cut & Sew.

The editable options of internal shapes

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