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This article contains bullet points of print creation and modification in CLO 3D.
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There are two ways to add prints on the fabric: Add Print button and Texture editor.

Add Print
The second icon beside the Fabric swatch in the Object Browser will add a print on the fabric.
The location of Add Print button

Six Pre-set Repeat Types
Six Pre-set Repeat Types

Texture Editor
The third icon beside the Texture in the Property Editor will direct you to the Texture Editor.
Location of the texture editor
You can set the canvas size and resolution at the top of the Texture Editor window. Directly below is the preview window of the print. At the lower left corner is the location of all the texture images. To the right of it are all the settings that you can modify.
The Texture editor window
1. You can move the texture image around in the preview window by clicking and dragging.
2. The Gizmo at the upper right corner of the preview window allows you to resize and rotate the texture image.
3. You can only edit the texture image you have selected in the lower left corner list. You can click and drag the thumbnail to re-order them.
4. The canvas size, which you can edit at the top of the Texture Editor window, differs from the image size under transformation.
An diagram differentiating the canvas size and image size

Edit Texture(2D)
You can move, resize, and rotate existing Print using the Edit Texture (2D). You can find it in the 2D toolbar. The Edit Texture(2D) tool
Click on the 2D patterns to activate the gizmo at the top right corner in the 2D window. Then you can resize the texture vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. You can also rotate the texture by clicking and dragging the outer circle.
The gizmo

Print Layout Mode
Print Layout Mode will match up prints on fabric and calculate fabric consumption. You can access it by expanding the Mode selection at the top right corner of the interface.
The location of the print layout mode
When you are on the Print Layout Mode, you can click and drag the patterns to put them on the fabric roll. The print in the 3D window will change automatically as you move it along the fabric roll. The tools besides the Print Layout Editor allow you to nest patterns and modify nest settings.
The print layout mode window

© Yilu Li
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