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Breakfast Recipes

Explore a selected range of breakfast recipes to help manage your appetite on busy days.
Brilliant Breakfasts
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In this article, you will learn more about breakfast recipes.

What’s your ‘go to’ breakfast? Is it always the same or do you vary your breakfast throughout the week?

Often a grab and go meal, breakfast is not always given the focus it deserves. What you choose at this mealtime can influence your food choices throughout the day. We saw this in Week 1 when we learned about resistant starch and how it can regulate your appetite.

We’ve dived into our BBC Good Food recipe library and selected a range of breakfast recipes to help manage our appetite on busy days. They’re also time-savers because first thing in the morning very few of us have time to cook from scratch.

Soluble Fibre and Resistant Starch

Recipe inspiration: Berry Bircher

This make-ahead breakfast is perfect if you know you’re going to be in a rush first thing. We’ve made the most of the soluble fibre, beta-glucans found in the oats, to give substance to this bircher. To the oats we’ve added flaxseeds (also known as linseeds), the gel-forming soluble fibre in these little seeds helps bind all our ingredients together and lock in moisture.

Full on fibre: oat know-how
A serving of 35g of oats supplies 1.4g of beta-glucans; studies suggest you need approximately 3.6g of beta-glucans per day to reduce your risk of heart disease. Other oat-based products like oatcakes and oatmeal bread will help you get to this magic number.
If you’re preparing breakfast for adults why not opt for an unripe, green banana to add resistant starch to this recipe?
Younger palates appreciate more sweetness and remember younger tummies don’t need as much fibre. In fact, children are growing very rapidly, which means they need a lot of energy and nutrients from their food. If they eat too many fibrous foods it can fill them up too quickly which means they may not eat enough from the other food groups to meet their nutritional needs.
Food can also be a vehicle for getting good bacteria into your gut. That’s why we’ve served this gut-friendly breakfast with a fermented yogurt – fermented foods are a source of helpful bacteria, the ones referred to as probiotics. These include lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.
Raspberry chia jam
Raspberry chia jam

Soluble Fibre and Pectin

Recipe inspiration: Raspberry chia jam
If you prefer toast and jam in the morning, this recipe is for you. We’ve used the gelling properties of chia seeds to create a low sugar, fibre-rich jam just ready to combine with a slice of wholegrain toast.
Chia seeds are one of the richest fibre sources, containing 40% fibre by weight. They are especially rich in soluble gel-forming fibre which makes them ideal for this quick jam. Chia can absorb up to 10-12 times their weight in water so don’t be fooled by their tiny appearance!
We’ve combined chia seeds with raspberries. These luscious berries contain pectin with the highest concentration in the skin and pips. When heated pectin binds with water to create a gel, adding a little sugar in the form of honey helps this process happen. Both the pectin in the raspberries and the gel-forming properties of the chia seeds help this jam set.
Full on fibre: raspberry ripeness
Don’t worry if your raspberries are under-ripe – while riper berries will be sweeter they contain less pectin.

Here are more breakfast ideas that make the most of these amazing fibre-rich ingredients.

Apple linseed porridge
Oat chia porridge
Chia almond overnight oats
Apricot seed overnight oats

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