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Why Finance for Everyone?

Why Finance for Everyone?
I spoke briefly about my finance and I hope I shared with you my excitement about it and how much I value it. I actually love it and say that in class often. But why finance for everyone? And let me give you some context. So, first of all, I have taught for many years, and taught all kinds of audiences. And one of the things that I have felt often is that I wish I could teach everybody. That's a very, very high bar to meet. But what technology's enabled me to do is all my teaching for the most part has been face to face.
And in face to face teaching, you have a huge advantage of teaching on the fly, talking about interesting things, people interacting with you. And I thought that that experience would take me a long way in life. But one of the things that happens is that students who are very interested in focused learning do get distracted, so we have in my class, many students who say that during class, they rarely, rarely get distracted by my style. And also many times I tend to run with the question and forget about the rest of the task.
More than three years ago I started offering a MOOC like this one, and it was called Introduction to Finance, and over three years had a reasonable amount of success, and a lot of students, and a lot of great feedback. And I realized that actually a constraining environment where I'm just sitting here and chatting with you. And actually doing a lot of rigorous stuff as well as you'll see later. Actually is amazingly helped me become a better teacher. And the part of the reason is related to what I just said earlier is that, in class you have a lot of degrees of freedom.
You can take off, you can run around and that's what I do, however you tend to lose focus sometimes. What the experience for the MOOCS taught me is that I could be extremely focused. And I could be focused in a way that is very helpful to everybody. Because the good news about a video is you don't have to watch it, or if you watch it you can watch it two, three times speed or whatever, and I encourage you to do that. Based on the three years feedback, there were three things that jumped out at me based on thousands of students. The first thing was that my course was 15 weeks long.
And they said the demand was to make it more modular. So this course is 6 weeks long. And it's focused, and it's not about everything in finance.
The second thing I got was make it more accessible. In other words, when I first offered this, it was pitched at a high level, assuming a lot of stuff in people's background. And not surprisingly lot of people felt that they were struggling especially in the assignments. And you will struggle with assignments in this course too. But I'll bring the assignments to you. I'll do a lot more applied stuff with you to make it accessible because there's a long, there is a huge demand for finance. Because it's so awesome, it doesn't have to do with me or anybody else who teaches it. It's simply remarkably awesome. So I'm going to make it more accessible in a 6 week module.
That's why "Finance for Everyone." However, I also got a very different kind of feedback. Some people wanted more rigor and more advanced content. So I have created a specialization as well, which I'm offering on a different platform, Coursera. And that specialization caters more to more advanced stuff. So in a way, takes off from the Introduction to Finance MOOC that I had offered, and makes it even more advanced and more rigorous. And the good news is because it's applied, it's not just regular set of higher level. It's also very applied. I hope this gives you a sense of why I'm doing this course, as well as where I'm coming from and what else I'm doing.
My goals are to keep experimenting and keep sharing with you whatever I can.
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