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What’s on for next week?

What's on for next week
TETYANA ROCKS: Well done on completing your first week. What we know about the relationship between diet and nutrition and mental and brain health is constantly evolving. So this week’s focus was on understanding the concepts and the latest research that underpin food and mood. What we explored this week also sets the foundation for what we will be looking at next week, understanding the mechanisms of diet and mental health. You’ll hear from more experts in the field of nutritional psychiatry and unpack the roles that inflammation and gut microbiota in particular play in mental and brain health. As the lead educator, I’d be interested to know what your experience has been so far. And what are you looking forward to learning next week?
Share your thoughts in comments. And don’t forget to like or reply to another learner’s post that resonate with your experience. See you next week.

Diet quality and mental outcomes are directly linked to physiological processes.

Next week, we will unpack some of the mechanisms that explain how diet and nutrition might influence mental and brain health.

We will explore and discuss:

  • the use of special diets for medical conditions
  • misconceptions associated with special diets
  • biological dysregulations and co-morbidities associated with mental health disorders
  • roles of the immune system and the gut microbiota.

Your task

Given what you have learned so far, let’s revisit the terms we used when we thought about what ‘food’ and ‘mental health’ meant to us in Step 1.4.

In the WordCloud reflect on the topics and ideas that have enhanced or changed your understanding and knowledge of what food and mood now means to you.

Share your thoughts with other learners in the comments.

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