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Instructions and resources

See what to expect, and check some useful resources for the course.
instruções e recursos

1. Portuguese has two major varieties: European and Brazilian. They are the same language with their own characteristics. When relevant, we will signpost a specific variety by using abbreviations, EP (European Portuguese) and BP (Brazilian Portuguese), or images, Brazil and Portugal’s flag (see below).

Brazil. Portugal


When we use BP, we refer to Brazil. But when we use EP we refer to Portugal and all other countries as they tend to follow the European Portuguese variety.

2. All links in the course will open in the same tab. If you want them to open in a different tab: ctrl + left click your mouse.

3. You will need accented characters to write. Quizzes will let you know when you need them. This is how you can access them:

PC – only with a numeric keypad:

à: Alt 0224 á: Alt 0225 é: Alt 0233
í: Alt 0237 ó: Alt 0243 ú: Alt 0250
â: Alt 0226 ê: Alt 0234 ô: Alt 0244
ã: Alt 0227 õ: Alt 0245 ç: Alt 135

Alternative for PC:

Window key + . (full stop), then go to characters, and select.

Mac and mobile devices:

Long press letters to get accented options, then select.

4. Below we have links to resources that are likely to be helpful in supporting you in the course.

5. One of our useful links is to Vocaroo. This resource will help you post your speaking on comments. These are the 3 steps to create and post the link to your speaking.

1. Click on the microphone icon to record, then click on stop recording.

2. Click on Save & Share.

3. Click on the copy icon, then paste the link on the comments here on FL!

Vocaroo site images
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