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Pronunciation: r – rr

Pronouncing r - rr.
Pronunciation R Rr

NOTE: We’ll show just some of the possible sounds for these pairs of letters.

1. There are variations for the sounds of rrr, but a straightforward way to approach them is to consider two different sounds: the weaker and the stronger ones. Let’s go straight to some examples.

(1) The stronger sound occurs mainly in the following occasions:

  • r at the beginning of words.

  • rr in the middle of words, which is the only place where rr occurs.

BrazilListen PortugalListen

Reino Unido = United Kingdom

Rússia = Russia

Ruim = bad

Bizarro = bizarre

Arrogante = arrogant

Corrida = race / run (noun)

(2) The weaker sound occurs when only r is in the middle or at the end of words:

BrazilListen PortugalListen

Consultor = consultant

Professor = professor / teacher

França = France

Quatro = four

Irmã = sister


2. Some of the variations from (2) that you are likely to encounter are the following:

(1) For example, in Rio de Janeiro.

The weaker sound sounds stronger at the end of syllables and at the end of words:






(2) In the central areas of Brazil, such as São Paulo state (but not in its capital):

The sound at the end of syllables and at the end of words resemble the sound of r in American English:






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