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You have completed week 2!

Final revision


1. The following transcripts summarise some of the key language we have learnt this week.

Here Larissa shares her number and email, and spells her email.

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O meu número de telefone é 948578261. O meu email é l, a, r, i, s, s, a, @, t, e, r, r, a, ., com.

Now Larissa talks about her family. There are two versions for this transcript.

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Os meus pais moram no Brasil, em São Paulo. Esta é a minha irmã. Ela mora nos Estados Unidos, em San Francisco. Eu moro em São Paulo, na Rua Princesa Isabel. E você? Onde você mora?

My parents live in Brazil, in São Paulo. This is my sister. She lives in the Unites States, in San Francisco. I live in São Paulo, at Princesa Isabel Street. And you? Where do you live?
Listen EP

Os meus pais moram na França, em Paris. Este é o meu irmão. Ele mora no Reino Unido, em Londres. Eu moro em Lisboa, na Rua Princesa Isabel. E tu? Onde tu moras?

My parents live in France, in Paris. This is my brother. He lives in the UK, in London. I live in Lisbon, at Princesa Isabel Street. And you? Where do you live?


2. Well done for completing week 2! We have learnt to:

  • Exchange contact details: number and email;
  • Spell one’s name and email;
  • Say how some family members are related to each other;
  • Introduce a family member with ‘this is my…’;
  • Talk about possessions with ‘this is my…’, ‘is this..?’ and ‘whose is this…?’;
  • Say where one lives: country, city and street;
  • Speak about one’s short profile with basic information.


3. We finish here our taster. It was great to have you with us! Weeks 3 to 10 are part of the microcredential course. If you decide to join us, some of the topics you can expect are: saying one’s age, saying the time, inviting/requesting, food, travelling, past experiences etc. The class group will have 1-hour weekly online seminars with their teacher. These seminars will focus on speaking. At the end, there will be an exam that enables learners to be awarded 15 credits. The 10-week course is set to start in October 2021 or January 2022, here on FutureLearn.

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