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Pakistan is Important for “B & R”

Video: Pakistan is Important for “B & R”
Today we will talk about that why Pakistan is important for OBOR. So Pakistan is a hub of natural cultural heritage and it offers a lot to the world not only strategically but also for tourism purposes.
Pakistan can play a leading role in One Belt One Road Initiative as it offers the most shortest land route as well as the most shortest sea route to China from the rest of the corridors. And another thing I would like to mention that through China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, China will connect to the Central Asia, South Asia,West Asia and the Middle East countries. And the most important thing which I would like to mention here that China is mostly dependent on its oil resources on the Malacca Strait, so Pakistan is the Gwadar Port is at the opening of the Strait of Hormuz, it offers China an independent sea route system, And through this China will have more secure routes for its energy resources.
Furthermore,if we have a comparison of China routes to Eastern Europe, for example from western China to Eastern Europe, if China follow the old routes so round about it covers 19000 miles to reach Eastern Europe. But if China use the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor land routes and then the sea routes, so it approximately covers 9500 miles. So it means that it reduces 10000 miles distance. So it not only reducing the distance but also reducing the time, reducing the efforts which are required to connect to Eastern Europe. Similarly China-Pakistan Economic Corridor make assure it to connect China globally.
And the most important thing about the Pakistan is that it offer China Gwadar Port which is the world deepest sea port, means any kind,any size,any amount of cruise that can be landed at Gwadar Port. And as I mentioned that it is in the center of Indian Ocean, so it gives an access to China to Africa and to Arabic countries, and mostly China is depending for its energy resources on the Middle East countries, round about 60% of its energy resources of oil, crude oil China import from Middle East. Similarly how and why Pakistan is important again, so if Indian wants have a business with Afghanistan and rest of central Asian countries, so they must have to pass through Pakistan.
If China wants to have connection with Iran and wants to do business with Iran, so it must have to pass from Pakistan. Similarly if China wants to have business with the Middle Eastern countries, for example as I mentioned earlier that for most of its energy resources China is dependent on Middle East countries, so Pakistan gives an access to China to have a comfortable and secure route.

As an academic from Pakistan, Dr. Asif Khan will bring you more details of Pakistan’s participating and leading role in “The Belt and Road Initiative”.

Do you agree with the idea that Pakistan is one of the most important countries along the Belt and Road Initiative? And why? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below if you like.

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