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Ready for Chinese Tourists

Video: Ready for Chinese Tourists
For tourism sector,access is the most important. Whether Pakistan is ready for the Chinese tourists? Does it have the required transportation? Does it have the required infrastructure? So as I belong to Pakistan, so yes,Pakistan has all the required transportation for the tourists. It’s maybe from the airlines to the buses, to the taxi and the logistics issues, so all of these have been addressed. And through China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, we are spending billions of dollars in energy and infrastructure, similarly in ports,similarly in others projects, to meet the needs of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
And one of the question that whether Pakistan has the Internet facility for these things, so most of the people in Pakistan are using the Internet and there is no such issues regarding the connectivity and in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, there is a project of fiber optic from China to Pakistan the whole way, so the connectivity problem, there will be no issues regarding this. The most important thing as Pakistan has been very badly stuck by terrorism for the last couple of decades, so nowadays there is no such issue, Pakistan has become a very peaceful country.
And for securing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Pakistan has its own security forces for this route, and they have around about 40000 approximately, they have appointed different security personals for caring about this route. And the other thing is that whether Pakistan is ready for the Chinese investment, so definitely,if you will just look at the investment of Chinese companies and other nations companies, so Chinese companies ahead add the direct good in Pakistan investments. And this just now becomes every day talk that Chinese companies are signing agreements with Pakistani partners in the different sectors, for example in the agricultural sector, energy sector and so many more.
And one thing that I think as an expert, I think that Pakistan agriculture sector can be benefited a lot from Chinese experts by getting some advance technologies of agriculture and having some good seeds, as China has many highbred type of seeds that can produce more than currently Pakistan use. Pakistan can use it,so definitely it will increase the production. And from Chinese side, especially I would like to talk about Alibaba and the Jack Ma has just purchased few of the companies shares and Pakistan online shopping Daraz, this is one of the most favorite bands in Pakistan in the online shopping, so Alibaba has purchased the maximum shares of Daraz.
And similarly they have also launched Ali-pay in Pakistan and round about just have an investment plan of about 20 billion rupees in the Pakistan, and they have signed agreement with Pakistan leading communication company Telenor, and the CEO of Telenor thinks that it will help the Pakistan people to have banks accounts, as hundred million of people in Pakistan did not have any bank account, but through Ali-Pay they will be capable to have a bank account. So another thing that is about tourism and the hospitality industry. So the hospitality industry in Pakistan is gradually steadily and speedily moving forward.
If you will just have a look on the statistics, so in 2015 we have just 35% occupancy rate in the hotels, but nowadays due to CPEC, we have 80% occupancy rate. And due to these changes and growth rate, different international brands such as Hayat Hotels and Resorts, Pearl Continental and Avari Hotels,similarly Serena Hotels, Regent Hotels,Sheraton and etc, they are investing in the different projects in Pakistan, and they are developing new set up and new accommodation for the tourists. So the reason is that it’s just because of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and everybody knows that it will give a boom to the Pakistan economy.
And similarly in Pakistan, there are a lot of restaurant and fast food such as Mcdonald’s,DQ,KFC,Subways and Panda Pizza Hut, these are already existed, but now due to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, maximum of these chains are just moving to establish more setups there. And the last but not the least,how Pakistan will deal with these challenges of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor? The best thing to deal with the challenges is that you have the right people for the right job. And for having the right people for the right job, Pakistan has trained round about 11000 students through NAVTTC program, that is vocational program to meet the needs of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
And secondly I would like to mention that it has also influenced the education infrastructure of Pakistan. For example in Pakistan now in each and every university, it is compulsory that you have to have a Chinese center in each university and from the school learning. Now the government has made it compulsory to have Chinese language. So the main barrier in the most of countries is the language, so Pakistan people in the long run will be capable to communicate with the Chinese people easily because Chinese will become the second language of Pakistan.

Dr. Asif Khan will shed light on Pakistan’s access, infrastructure, peaceful environment and so on.

Pakistan has different kinds of tourism attractions, from natural resources to the cultural landscape. Do you think Pakistan is ready for the Chinese tourists?

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China’s Role in Global Tourism Development

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