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Definition of Integrated Tourism

Video: Definition of Integrated Tourism
Now let’s talk about official definition of integrated tourism.
In recent years, China has entered a new era of integrated tourism development stage. The official definition of integrated tourism was proposed through announcement of the establishment of national integrated tourism demonstration zone, issued by the National Tourism Administration in 2015. The official definition of integrated tourism is. Integrated tourism refers to in the certain region taking tourism as the dominant industry through the comprehensive and systematic promotion of economic and social resources, especially tourism resources.
Realizing the need of regional organic integration of resources, industrial integration and development, social co-construction and sharing, constructing a new regional coordinated development concept and model to promote tourism and improve economic and social coordination, and development as a whole. The pursuit of integrated tourism no longer stays in the growth of tourists’ number, but in the improvement of tourism quality. The purpose of integrated tourism is to improve people’s quality of life through tourism industry. The concept of integrated tourism can be divided into the following four parts. The first part is main body of the specific area as integrated tourism.
Taking specific areas, such as districts, provinces and cities as complete tourist destinations, providing services and products as a whole.
The second part is practice,
carrying out overall planning and layout, providing multi-departmental integrated management, and integrated marketing promotional efforts.
The third part is the objectives to be achieved for integrated tourism,
realizing the integration of construction, industries and facilities and services. The fourth part is the essence of integrated tourism. The essence of integrated tourism is to develop new theories and models to be practiced.
Now let’s talk about different stages of integrated tourism development. There are really two stages of integrated tourism development. For stage one we are talking about the local pilot stage of different types of integrated tourism.
There are eight examples of piloting integrated tourism destinations, such as Shaoxing city, Hangzhou city and Tonglu county in Zhejiang province, Kunshan city in Anhui province, Dayi county, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous prefecture in Sichuan province, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Wulian county in Shandong province. Please have a look at the map.
Now let’s look at the second stage of integrated tourism development, which is the national demonstration stage.
From 2015, the integrated regional tourism entered national demonstration stage.
On August 2015, Li Jinzao, the previous director of National Tourism Administration, proposed the strategic plan of promoting the development of integrated tourism for the first time at the national tourism work seminar. The National Tourism Administration issued about the notice of the establishment of integrated tourism demonstration zone. On January 29th 2016, in the national conference on tourism held in Haikou city, Li Jinzao talked about integrated tourism, marked China formally opened prelude to the integrated tourism development.
On February 5th 2016, the National Tourism Administration issued announcement, announcing that the national standard of demonstration zones of integrated tourism. 262 cities and counties became the first created units of the demonstration zones of integrated tourism. On November 2016, the National Tourism Administration announced 238 cities and counties became the second batch of the demonstration zones of integrated tourism. On March 2018, the general office issued the guidance on promoting the development of integrated tourism. Li stressed that the release of the guideline marks the official beginning of the integrated tourism into a national strategy.

What are the potential opportunities for China’s domestic tourism? Professor Qiu will talk about the Integrated Tourism in the following videos.

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